Call for Papers

Members of the Wilson Ornithological Society, the Association of Field Ornithologists and guests are invited to contribute to the scientific sessions of the 2009 joint WOS/AFO meeting by presenting an oral paper or poster on any aspect of avian biology.

To apply for a place on the scientific program, regardless of affiliation, please submit an abstract to be received no later than 28 February 2009 to the Chair of the Scientific Program Committee, Dr. Robert C. Beason:

E-mail (preferred): Send abstract and other information as part of the body of a message or as a Word-file attachment; one abstract per message. Send an email.

Conventional mail: Robert C. Beason, WOS/AFO Scientific Program, P.O. Box 737, Sandusky, OH 44871, USA.

Contributions will be organized into sessions based on the scientific content of the abstract. The abstract should be no more than 250 words and should be in the format of the example below, which shows how to handle multi-authored papers and to identify those in competition for student awards (superscript “S” at the start of the abstract). Use an asterisk to indicate the author who will give the presentation.

How To Prepare A Perfect Abstract

SNeva Dunnit* and Major Professor, Department of Biology, Flicker College, Robin, NY 12345, and Ida Know, Wildlife Department, Univ. Birds, Birdsville, NH 01234.

Begin the abstract on the next line. Abstracts should summarize findings rather than methods. For multi-authored papers, put an asterisk (*) after the name of the person presenting the paper. Papers eligible for student awards should have an S (superscript “S”) at the beginning of the title (see example).

Below the abstract, provide the following information:
  • Name and email address of the person to contact if questions arise

  • Oral or poster presentation

  • If part of the organized symposium, list “SYMPOSIUM”

  • A-V needs for oral presentations (include PowerPoint software version; bring PowerPoint file on CD or USB drive)

  • Comments or special scheduling requests: (e.g., “If possible, schedule after paper by Jones”)

  • Willingness to chair a paper session: Y N (if yes, give name and email again here)

  • If eligible for student presentation award, indicate whether a graduate student or an undergraduate: (e.g. “STUDENT AWARD — Grad” or “STUDENT AWARD — UG”). For a contribution to be eligible for an award, the presenter must be a current student and first author.

  • If the presenter is a student , are they a member of WOS (and therefore eligible for free 2009 WOS membership)? Y N
Oral presentations will be limited to 15 minutes, including questions and technical difficulties. Poster size and format will be announced later and must be in place by 11 am Friday, 10 April. Proposals for oral presentations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until the schedule is full.

Note: Persons submitting abstracts should understand that to insure a place on the scientific program, presenting authors must also register for the conference, using the conference Registration page.